5 Delectable Must-Have Food Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are a grand celebration of union and love between two families. When we talk about Indian weddings, they are almost synonymous with beauty, richness, and age-old traditions. And what makes any wedding remarkable for years? The answer is very simple, food. Yes, food is an integral part of any wedding. From delicious starters, and mouth-watering main courses to pleasing sweet dishes, wedding foods are a true feast for our senses.

No wedding is complete without serving a spread of appetising foods by a reputable wedding caterer in Kolkata. So here in this blog post, we will get into the 5 most delightful dishes that your wedding menu must include. These dishes epitomise the Indian culture and will make your guest longing for more. So, without any more ado, let’s take a look at those dishes which should be added to a wedding menu.

Fish Fry

No wedding menu can be completed without delectable starters. When it is a matter of arranging mouth-watering starters, fish fry or butter fish fry would top the list. Fish fry is a variation that is made with fresh marinated fish coated with breadcrumbs. Butter fish fry also can satisfy your guest as it is made up of fresh marinated fish fried with butter and wheat flour coating. Serve both these fried items hot with any spicy dip or ketchup sauce.


A staple of Indian Mughlai cuisine, biryani is a dish that probably anyone doesn’t want to have. Biryani is prepared by layering fragrant spiced rice on the bed of either meat, paneer or vegetables. Biryani needs low-flamed pot cooking which enables all the flavours to melt together. Biryani has different versions relying on the taste and flavours of the specific region.

Some most popular variations of Biryani are Hyderabadi biryani, Kolkata biryani and Lucknow biryani. While serving biryani at your wedding, set up a counter where biryani should be served hot along with raita or pickles. If you want to please your guest with something that will directly hit their tastebuds, then go for biryani without any hesitation.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a dish that is not only in India but abroad too. Butter chicken is a thriving combination of creamy, rich, fragrant curry and tandoori chicken cubes. The gravy of butter chicken is a tomato-based sauce enriched with cream, butter and fragrant spices.

Butter chicken can go very well with naan, paratha, kulcha, roti or even rice. Derived from the rich Mughal cuisine, butter chicken is now a quintessential food item on almost every occasion. While serving butter chicken at your wedding, pair it with kulcha or naan to please the palette of your guests.

Naan or Kulcha

Naan, kulcha or any sort of roti or paratha is a must-have for any wedding occasion. Naan and Kulcha both are baked leavened flatbread made up of wheat flour. Both these breads are served with desi ghee or butter in them. The main difference between a naan and a kulcha is the stuffing. Naan is a category of bread that doesn’t have any stuffing in it. On the other hand, kulcha is a bread that includes different delectable stuffing made up of paneer, vegetables and garlic.

Apart from these two, rotisserie or parathas also can be served at a wedding reception. Rotis are unleavened flatbread made in griddle and parathas are fried flatbread made up of whole wheat. No matter which type of bread you are serving at your wedding, always arrange a l8cd counter for them. Otherwise, they won’t taste well with any gravy dish.

Gulab Jamun

When the occasion is a wedding, how can we not mention a sweet dish like gulab jamun? Gulag Jamun is a desert that people of all regions love to have. Made up of soaking deep-fried milk solids or cottage cheese in sugar syrup, gulab jamun is a true pleasure to the palette.  Serving gulab jamun at your wedding is a great way. But you need to serve it hot and fresh, so it is better to ask your best caterer in Kolkata fir arrange a live counter for it.


So, these are the most preferred 5 categories of food that can be ideal for a wedding reception. While arranging your wedding menu, always hire a professional catering service. This is because only a well-reputed catering brand can understand the flavours and subtlety of wedding food.

At, Black Diamond Caterer, we possess years of expertise and experience in wedding catering services. We can help you to develop a menu for your wedding that can bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Our team only uses fresh materials to prepare each item with the highest food safety and hygiene. We pledge that hiring us will be a great experience for you. Contact us on our given number or drop a mail.

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