Annaprashan Catering Services in Kolkata

Annaprashan is an auspicious occasion not only in your baby’s life but also for the parents. It is the first feeding ceremony or rice eating ceremony. It’s a popular Hindu custom that signifies an important beginning in your baby’s life. Generally, for boys, this event takes place in the sixth or the eighth month, and for girls, the same might take place in the fifth or the seventh month. Hence, every parent wants to celebrate this occasion in a special way. No matter what the occasion is, it cannot be made special without good food. Black Diamond Caterer, one of the best Annaprashan Caterers in Kolkata delivers a unique experience with our exclusive Annaprashan menu items. A menu to remember and relish for a long time.
Finding the right caterer for your event can be hard. As a result, we are one of the best Birthday Catering Services in Kolkata and offer assistance with finding the perfect food.