Corporate Catering Services


Worried about your next big client meeting or staff welfare meeting or family day party, or annual meeting? Your worries are genuine as on all these occasions you would need good food to define the events. Food has always become the most defining factor, no matter it’s a corporate event or it’s a personal event such as marriage, food always remains a top attraction. Black Diamond Caterer, as a corporate catering service in Kolkata, ensures the best quality food for our clients. We provide premium catering services to our corporate clients. Right from an exclusive menu, trained servers, to hygiene standards, we have it all. Moreover, we believe in customizing our catering services as per the client’s requirements.

Plan a flawless corporate event with our onsite catering services. Right from planning the catering services to getting logistical resources, we do it all. At the end of the day, we want to ensure a hassle-free experience for our corporate clients. We understand the challenges of an onsite corporate event, and the risks involved with these events. That is why our professionals visit the site before the event and plan the event meticulously. This includes placement of the food stalls, alignment of servers as per the requirement, management of the backend logistics, and transportation to the site. This is a well-coordinated approach, and our experienced professionals are experts in planning. So, if you are planning for a corporate event, then Black Diamond Caterer, as a corporate catering service in Kolkata is your dedicated catering partner. 

We also provide tasting services before the event, where our clients can taste the sample menu, and make a decision. Food is a delicacy, and it is defined by its taste. Hence, before you select us, we provide the opportunity to try us. We do customize the taste or the menu as per the customer’s requirements or customer’s feedback. We ensure endless possibilities with our catering services. Often big corporate events are marred with different kinds of issues and hassles, specifically when it comes to catering services. That is not the case with us, as we ensure complete peace of mind to our corporate clients. We ensure complete efficacy in our services, with complete value for money. No need to worry if the food available onsite is adequate or not. No need to worry if the food delivery to the catering site will be delayed or not. No need to worry if the hygiene standards will be maintained or not. No need to worry if the staff will be polite and professional to your guests you not. No need to worry about any of these things, or any other things associated with the catering services, as long as we are your catering partners. Black Diamond Caterer is completely committed to providing the best catering services in Kolkata to your guests and becomes a partner in the success of your business.

Our Key Services for Your Outdoor Catering.

Custom Menu

Get a menu of your choice. We understand how eager you are to impress your guests. That is why our executive takes down your requirement and prepares a custom menu for your guests. Our menus are innovative with exclusive preparation and presentation by our seasoned chefs. We have custom menu options for all-day dining, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Multiple Cuisines

Right from local cuisines to seasonal cuisines to global cuisines, our chefs can prepare all. Our passionate Chefs deliver well-crafted cuisines prepared from fresh ingredients. Most of the ingredients are sourced from reputed and reliable sources.

Convenient Planning

We understand each corporate event is unique, and each of them has different requirements. Thus, we treat each event differently and plan these events as per the requirements. Sometimes, requirements are urgent, and we deliver with the least possible lead time. So, next time when your CEO has requested a sudden lunch event, then the treat is on Black Diamond Caterer.

Online Ordering

Sometimes requirements are sudden, and one might not have time to visit us or discuss beforehand. For those situations, Black Diamond Caterer has online ordering. You can simply select the menu, and let us know over email or phone. We will ensure the order is delivered. We do provide servers as well at additional cost for all the online orders. With our online ordering, you are never late.

Signature Touches

Black Diamond Caterer believes to create our impression and leave our mark. That is why we have signature touches in our catering services. This includes our signature menu items, signature crockeries, signature table items.

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