Annaprashan Catering Services in Kolkata

Annaprashan is an auspicious occasion not only in your baby’s life but also for the parents. It is the first feeding ceremony or rice eating ceremony. It’s a popular Hindu custom that signifies an important beginning in your baby’s life. Generally, for boys, this event takes place in the sixth or the eighth month, and for girls, the same might take place in the fifth or the seventh month. Hence, every parent wants to celebrate this occasion in a special way. No matter what the occasion is, it cannot be made special without good food. Black Diamond Caterer, one of the best Annaprashan Caterers in Kolkata delivers a unique experience with our exclusive Annaprashan menu items. A menu to remember and relish for a long time.

Why should you choose us for your Annaprashan Catering Services?

Food plays an important part in any Annaprashan event. In fact, an Annaprashan event is not complete without good food. That is why the menu for an Annaprashan even is always debatable. You might be confused, what to include and what not for the Annaprashan menu. That is where we can help you with our professional catering services for the Annaprashan event. There are many reasons why you should choose Black Diamond Caterer for the next Annaprashan event.

Traditional Menu:

Black Diamond Caterer knows how traditional an Annaprashan event is. It’s a tradition that signifies a major event in your child’s life. To make this event more traditional, we ensure an authentic menu for this auspicious occasion. Our traditional menu is customized for these occasions and will have menu items that have been relished by many generations. Our chefs have years of experience in preparing authentic cuisines. We not only prepare authentic cuisines for the auspicious occasion but also authentically serve them. With our catering services, we ensure that authenticity is preserved with all the traditions and beliefs.

Fresh Ingredients:

An Annaprashan or rice ceremony cannot be compared with any other event because of the traditions involved. As authentic cuisines are prepared, Black Diamond Caterer, one of the best annaprashan caterers in kolkata ensures fresh and traditional ingredients are used for the same. We have our sourcing agencies, from where the authentic ingredients are sourced for preparing the menu items in the Annaprashan event. This delivers the perfect taste of the cuisines that exists for generations. Our quality is our commitment to our customers, and using fresh ingredients for the menu items endorses that. We also encourage our clients to try our sample menu, which we prepare on request, before the main event. Feel traditional and authentic with our special Annaprashan menu.

Experienced servers:

Black Diamond Caterer is one of the top caterers for Annaprashan catering and the Rice ceremony, and that is why we have our servers. Our servers are professional and courteous. They serve food to esteemed guests and ensure the comfort level of guests is taken care of. Our servers are professionally groomed and trained to deliver a unique dining experience to your guests. Moreover, our servers are well-groomed on guest management which enables them to manage guest requests and complaints without any escalations. At the end of the day, we want a happy and memorable dining experience for your guests.

Fusion Menu:

As one of the best catering services in Kolkata, Black Diamond Caterer believes in staying ahead of them and adopting modern trends. One of the modern trends observed in the modern Annaprashan events is the fusion menu, where both authentic, as well as continental menus, are kept. Often we refer to this as a fusion menu, as it contains the best of both worlds. We take the pleasure to mention that just like authentic dishes our Chefs are an expert in continental dishes as well. So, next, if you are planning traditional payesh or kheer, pulao, with some creamy pasta, it’s on us. Fusion menu is our unique offering to our customers.

Hygiene and Safety standards:

While we aim to deliver the best experience to our customers in form of delicious food, at the same time, we ensure that we follow all the hygiene and safety standards. All the food ingredients are graded and inspected thoroughly before using them for preparation. All the utensils used for cooking and serving are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before they are used by our chefs and servers. At the venue, the catering setup (which includes the electrical layout and heating devices) is laid out as per the safety norms and regulations.

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