Outdoor Catering Services


Now treat your guests at any exclusive outdoor place that you have selected. It could be a party on the lawn or a ceremony on the terrace, or it might be an organized gathering at a riverside. No matter which location you have selected for your grand occasion, Black Diamond Caterer, is your one-stop solution for outdoor catering services in Kolkata. Now plan your outdoor party without worrying about the catering services.

Often there might be questions in your mind while planning the outdoor party. Will I get caterers providing outdoor catering services? How the caterer is going to bring the food to the venue? How is he going to get his equipment and utensil to the venue? What if he runs out of food? What if there is no surplus food, as this place is far off from the caterer’s office? If you don’t find the answers, the probable solution will be to shift to an indoor venue. But, that is not what you want at the end of the day? Black Diamond Caterer provides one of the best outdoor catering services in Kolkata, customized as per the needs of our customers.

Why should you choose us for your Outdoor Catering Services?

When it comes to outdoor catering services, we are the best. There are many reasons why you should choose Black Diamond Caterer as your outdoor catering service in Kolkata.

Venue Inspection:

As a professional in this field, we always inspect the venue before the event. This ensures that the outdoor catering setup is done as per the requirements. Our catering manager plans the catering setup as per the venue layout in such a way so that guests can conveniently move around and have food. As per the area or the space, the catering stalls are planned accordingly. No matter how big or how small the venue is, Black Diamond Caterer always ensures that the catering setup is planned as per the convenience of the guests.


Black Diamond Caterer always wants a hassle-free experience for you through our catering services. That is why we ensure all the necessary permits are taken and approved before the event. Often, in an outdoor event, there are requirements of certain permits from the regulatory authorities. These permits are specific to the catering services. We facilitate the approval of these permits on behalf of our clients and give them an absolute hassle-free catering experience. Hence, no running around for permits when we are with you.


In outdoor catering, the menu plays a more important part. Black Diamond Caterer ensures that the menu is prepared as per the theme of the occasion. This includes onsite barbecue, live counters for certain items, frozen desserts, etc. Even with the outdoor catering services, we ensure that there are limitations on the menu. We will get it on board, what you wish, that is our commitment for our customers. We not only plan the menu items but place them in such a way within the catering setup, that they can be enjoyed best by your guests. We specialize in multiple cuisines and are committed to delivering as per our client’s requirements. Talk to us today to check some of our sample menus.

Safety Measures:

One of the key requirements of outdoor catering is a safety requirement. Black Diamond Caterer ensures all the safety protocols are followed, while we cater to the requirements of the guests. Food storage is completely supervised and safe and is generally kept away from the main catering area. This ensures that food is not tampered, and catered to the guest as fresh it could be. Secondly, we ensure that all the electrical wirings, as well as electrical points, are well laid out and well covered. This is important, as you might have kids as well in your guest lists. All the onsite heating equipment is marked and supervised, to ensure the safety of the guests. We not only want to deliver a delicious experience but, more importantly, a safer experience as well.


We ensure that all kinds of portable cooking equipment are available for outdoor catering. This includes grill equipment, portable gas, outdoor deep fryers, etc. This ensures that live food items are prepared at the venue itself and served hot to the guests. After all, an outdoor experience remains unfulfilled without a live barbecue or a live grill session. We also ensure freezers are available for items such as frozen desserts. You wish an item on the menu, and we will get it there. With the best catering services in Kolkata, provide an elevated experience to your guests.

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