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A party is remembered for two things- of course, the purpose it is planned for and the food that is offered to the guests. Catering service involves a large chunk of the budget that is chalked out for the event and should be invested in the best way possible to ensure maximum return. This return comes in the form of the food quantity, quality, and taste. As covid is receding with time, people are gearing back to organize and attend parties. Be it is a birthday party, anniversary, wedding, or rice ceremony you are planning, food is an essential part of any Indian event. Only the best caterers in Kolkata can offer you solutions to meet all your requirements without fail. Black Diamond Caterer, as one of the best caterers in Kolkata, assures you of good quality food with a variety of choices to treat the taste buds.

When it comes to service and product quality, not all caterers in Kolkata are the same. This is true, mainly if you are in search of a vendor specializing in amazing customer service, affordable pricing as well as fantastic flavors. Black Diamond Caterer is rated as one of the best catering services in Kolkata that is ever ready to assist you with all the help that is essential to meet your party food needs. We are adhering to the Covid safety protocols as set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, to ensure that all your guests, family members, and you are taken care of.

We offer affordable menus that you will find within your budget and product quality that any other caterers in the city will find hard to match. Also, being one of we offer our clients the customized menu option to make food choices available for any guests with certain dietary restrictions. You will enjoy our free menu tasting option- something we take pride in. Every food item available with us is prepared with great love and affection under the supervision of expert chefs with over years of experience. From buffet service to sitting arrangements and live food counters, we offer it will all as you demand. Here is a list of the different customized cuisines we have in store to offer for your party, each available at a different range. Take a look!

Our inexpensive platters provide delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives for any occasion. At a business meeting, birthday party, or social event, our food will impress. We use fresh ingredients to provide great dishes for all tastes and diets. From appetizers to sweets, our expertly prepared menus satisfy everyone with the most affordable Kolkata Catering Menu Cost. Design and create a feast everyone will enjoy. 

Black Diamond Caterers has Kolkata’s best variety of cuisine. They provide cheap Bengali, Indian, and foreign food. Our extensive menu includes inexpensive veggie appetisers and complex main meals, including exciting fish dishes. Whether your occasion is formal or informal, our extensive food among Kolkata’s Best Catering Services Menu with Price will please everyone. We promise the best food and service to wow your visitors.


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Our chefs are specialized in Indian (All-state) cuisine, Continental cuisine, Chinese & Asian Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, and American Cuisine.

Besides being awarded as the best Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata, we also take pride in serving birthday parties, rice ceremony parties, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings.

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