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Catering and COVID-19 Safety

Catering and COVID-19 Safety-enhanced-food-Catering-Service's

The Famous Caterer in Kolkata (Rajarhat & Newtown Area)​

As ever, Black Diamond Caterer, Catering is committed to offering our clients the best and safest service possible for your events. Moving forward as events begin to open up again, we are ramping up our safety and sanitation procedures to serve you well according to the recommendations set by our respective Kolkata state and local health authorities.

We have modified our service styles to enhance our baseline service safety, and we offer additional levels of service to meet our clients’ unique event needs, including individually wrapped meals, increased deliveries and drop-offs, and staff-served buffets, among other options. We also offer sanitizer stations, disposable gloves for guests, plexiglass buffet barriers, and other alternatives to help guests maintain physical distance. You will always see our staff in masks and gloves, with frequent handwashing, and we continue to be diligent about sanitizing, cleaning, and heading off problems before they start. Please be assured that Black Diamond Catering is doing all we can to serve our guests as safely as possible so your celebrations can continue as meaningfully and as joyously as ever. Because the health guidance will evolve as our local situations do in the future, our specific policies are subject to change at any time, so speak with an event coordinator to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. If you have any questions regarding our safety-enhanced service styles or how we can create an event plan perfect for your need.!

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