Indulge in the Extravaganza: 40 Must-Have Catering Dishes for a Bengali Wedding Menu

Bengali weddings are rich in culture and food. Wedding meal is unique among its numerous details. Give them a Bengali culinary experience, not just food. Bengali cuisine, known for its powerful tastes, diverse ingredients, and intricate cooking processes, is the highlight of weddings, when every dish is meticulously crafted to wow guests. As you choose the best Best Catering Services in Kolkata here are the options that you get.

Lahori Chicken Tikka Kabab:

These spice-filled kababs start the dinner. After marinating in aromatic spices, yoghurt, and herbs, the chicken is precisely skewered and grilled. It dissolves on the tongue and tantalises taste buds. 

Veg Kerala Cutlet Stick:

Bengali and Kerala aromas blend with coconut, curry leaves, and spices in these crispy cutlets. They give crunchy flavour and are vegetarian. You will get these items from the Best Caterers In Kolkata.

Cheese Ball Nuggets:

These crunchy, cheesy nuggets are a hit with kids and adults. They are deep-fried to golden perfection with gooey cheese, breadcrumbs, and seasonings, providing a tasty treat that will go soon.

Paneer Tikka:

Coming from the best Caterer in Kolkata, these marinated and grilled paneer cubes illustrate Bengali cuisine’s flexibility and please vegetarians. Spices, yoghurt, and lemon juice make each bite tasty, making it a wedding staple.

Gandhoraaj Fish Tikka:

These Bengali freshwater river-flavored tikka bites are perfect for seafood enthusiasts. Fish marinated in aromatic spices and acidic Gandhoraaj lime juice is grilled to perfection, yielding soft, juicy, enticing pieces.


As a vibrant alternative to alcohol, mocktails complement the great meal. Fruity and zesty non-alcoholic drinks suit every taste and elevate weddings. In Bengali Wedding Catering this ia must have.

Victoria Coffee LIVE:

Visitors rest while the celebration heats up. Victoria Coffee LIVE is heaven for coffee lovers. Espressos and lattes are perfected by baristas. The scent of freshly ground beans energises tired spirits. Victoria Coffee LIVE will keep partygoers energetic and entertained in all weather.

Soup Station:

A warm bowl of soup calms over the holidays. Soup Station is a pleasant sanctuary with its soothing broths. Each bowl, whether it’s a hearty vegetable soup with seasonal veggies or a creamy chicken broth with subtle spices, will please and nourish. With fresh bread rolls or crisp croutons, the Soup Station gives a reprieve from wedding festivities.

Indian Chaat Counter:

Indian Chaat Counter’s sour, spicy, and sweet tastes please all ages. Samosas, bhel puris, and other bite-sized snacks have many textures and flavours. Chaat masala, tamarind chutney, and fresh herbs tempt guests to try something new.

Green Peas Kachuri:

Bengali weddings love these crunchy, flaky kachuris. Deep-fried to perfection, these golden-brown delicacies are stuffed with a savoury green pea, spice, and herb mixture. Crispy exterior, soft and aromatic within, the fresh Green Peas Kachuri with chutney or pickle always leaves guests wanting more.

Live Chinese Counter:

Stir-fries, noodles, and dumplings from the Live Chinese Counter offer international flair. Professional chefs wok-toss colourful vegetables, succulent meats, and aromatic sauces to create delicious dinners. The Live Chinese Counter promises Szechuan noodles and steamed dumplings to take consumers to China’s crowded streets. 

Coriander Garlic Naan:

Soft, fluffy, and aromatic Coriander Garlic Naan goes nicely with curries and kebabs. These tempting naans are cooked to perfection in a traditional tandoor oven with wheat, yeast, yoghurt, and a generous dusting of fresh coriander and garlic, giving a smoky aroma and pillowy texture. Coriander Garlic Naan elevates every dinner, leaving guests wanting more when used to spoon up creamy paneer curries or spicy gravies.

Achari Alur Dum:

Achari Alur Dum’s heat and acidity invigorate the palate. Tender young potatoes cooked nicely in pickling spices provide a vibrant, cosy supper. Each bite is a symphony of acidic notes and potato earthiness, making it popular among Bengali cuisine lovers. 

Cholardal Daal with Coconut:

Cholardal Daal with Coconut is a creamy, nourishing dish. Bengali lentils cooked with aromatic spices and creamy coconut milk are delicious. Cholardal Daal with Coconut tastes well alone or with fragrant steamed rice, leaving guests wanting more.

Amritsari Chole Masala:

The spread tastes thick and hearty with Punjabi Amritsari Chole Masala. A warm, tasty stew with tender chickpeas and spices and herbs makes a great meal. Visitors will enjoy Amritsari Chole Masala with fluffy naan or hot rice. 

International Salad Bar:

The International Salad Bar offers a healthy and refreshing meal balancer. Fresh, crisp and colourful salad bar with dressings, veggies, fruits and cereals. The International Salad Bar’s crisp Greek and tangy Thai papaya salads appeal to health-conscious guests and salad lovers.

Fish Orly (Kolkata Bhetki):

Kolkata’s Fish Orly delights seafood lovers with its crispy exterior and delicate inside. This addictive treat is created with fresh Bhetki fish fillets in a light, airy batter and deep-fried to golden perfection. For seaside flavour, every Bengali wedding must serve Fish Orly with tartar sauce or spicy mustard. 

Basmati Steamed Rice:

Aromatic, fluffy Basmati Steamed Rice is perfect for thick curries. Bengali basmati rice, with its long, thin grains and peculiar smell, is a staple. Basmati Steamed Rice pairs nicely with spicy chicken curry or creamy paneer masala in Bengali weddings. 

Moharani Polao:

Royal rice dish Moharani Polao enhances the feast. Saffron, fragrant spices, and sprinkles of almonds and raisins make this dinner gorgeous and delicious. Golden rice smells delicious. Served alone or with a lavish feast, Moharani Polao will wow.

Sahi Zafrani Polao:

Then there comes the royal-quality Aromatic and tasty Sahi Zafrani Polao. The saffron fragrance makes this rice dish elegant. Each grain is golden-colored and tasty. Sahi Zafrani Polao’s spicy curries and kebabs enhance any wedding.

Palak Corn Paneer:

Palak Corn Paneer, a delicious dish, blends creamy spinach, paneer, and sweet corn. Golden corn kernels, creamy paneer and bright green spinach make a delicious and gorgeous lunch. Palak Corn Paneer, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, pleases all ages. 

Potoler Dorma:

Bengali potoler dorma, spicy gourds, is cosy and tasty. After being hollowed out and filled with fragrant spices, herbs, and chopped meat or vegetables, the gourds are cooked perfectly in a creamy sauce. With every mouthful, Potoler Dorma provides Bengali cuisine with aromatic rice or fluffy naan.

Raj-Malai Kofta:

Raj-Malai Kofta, a vegetarian dish with soft, creamy koftas in a rich sauce, will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Potato, paneer, and spice koftas are prepared in a creamy, buttery sauce with aromatic spices. The burst of taste and texture in each bite makes Raj-Malai Kofta a vegetarian classic.

Sahi Corn Malai Paneer:

Sweet corn-based Sahi Corn Malai Paneer is creamy and tasty. Paneer cubes are perfectly cooked in a smooth cashew nut, cream, and spice sauce. Corn gives freshness and sweetness. Guest will desire more of Sahi Corn Malai Paneer as a main dish or buffet.

Gandhoraaj Bhetki Fish Paturi:

Bengali Gandhoraaj Bhetki Fish Paturi, steamed fish marinated in mustard paste and wrapped in banana leaves, is delicious and fragrant. A spicy mustard paste gives fresh Bhetki fish fillets a distinct aroma and smell. Banana leaves provide a nice smell to delicate, delectable fish fillets when steamed. Gandhoraaj Bhetki Fish Paturi with steaming rice or pulao is a gastronomic delight for everybody.

Prawn Malai Curry:

Prawn Malai Curry’s creamy coconut milk sauce and juicy prawns are seafood lovers’ paradise. The thick coconut milk and subtle spices complement the sweet, delicate prawns for a comforting supper. When served with fragrant rice or crisp naan, Prawn Malai Curry is devoured.

Elish Bhapa:

Bengali delicacy Elish Bhapa cooks Hilsa fish, the king of fish, flawlessly with mustard paste. The mustard paste makes steamed fish tender and flavorful. Bengali wedding classic Elish Bhapa showcases the region’s seafood heritage with fragrant rice and tangy mustard sauce.

Afghani Chicken Korma:

Creamy and aromatic Afghan Chicken Korma showcases Afghan cuisine’s rich tastes. Yoghurt, cream, and aromatic spices make a delicious sauce for tender chicken slices. The creamy texture and strong tastes of Afghani Chicken Korma make it a popular with guests seeking distinct elegance.

Mutton Kasha:

Perfectly slow-cooked Mutton Kasha blends and intensifies tastes. Simmering delicious mutton in a rich sauce with aromatic spices makes a comforting supper. Even picky carnivores will like Mutton Kasha with steaming rice or crunchy naan.

Our Special Mutton Biryani:

Our Special Mutton Biryani is a feast of fragrant rice, succulent mutton, and aromatic spices. Saffron, cinnamon, and cloves taste each grain of rice, and delicate meat melts in your mouth. Our Special Mutton Biryani with delicious raita or spicy pickle would leave guests wanting more.

Chicken Nawabi:

The rich, creamy Chicken Nawabi sauce will delight even the pickiest diners. A creamy cashew nut, cream, and spice sauce adds decadence to soft chicken pieces. Served with fluffy naan or fragrant rice, Chicken Nawabi will wow everyone.

Mixed Fruit & Potato Chatni:

Complete the meal with tangy, sweet Trusted Potato Chatni. This chutney’s soft potatoes, tamarind, jaggery, and aromatic spices provide flavour to every bite. Bengali staple Potato Chatni with crispy papads or fluffy puris pleases all ages.

Desco Papad:

Crispy and crunchy Desco Papad is perfect for texture contrast. These light and crispy lentil flour papads with aromatic spices are golden-fried and irresistible. Desco Papads are delicious alone or with spicy chutneys.

Live Jilebi Counter:

Jilebis prepared fresh at the counter are syrupy and great for desserts. A luxurious and addictive delight, spiral-shaped flour, sugar, and saffron sweets are deep-fried to golden perfection and coated in a fragrant sugar syrup. Live Jilebis, warm or room temperature, are a must-have, leaving guests wanting more.

Two-in-One Rashogolla:

Two-in-One Rashogolla are soft, spongy Bengali celebration sweets. Made from chenna (curdled milk) and steeped in fragrant sugar syrup, these sweets melt in the mouth and brighten any occasion. Bengali Two-in-One Rashogollas, eaten alone or with a sumptuous meal, satisfy all ages.

Standard Quality Shondesh:

Soft and melt-in-your-mouth, Standard Quality Shondesh provides delicious tastes for every appetite. Saffron, cardamom, and rose water flavour these little discs of chenna (curdled milk) and sugar, making them wonderful. Standard Quality Shondesh is a delicious post-meal treat or dessert buffet addition.

Hot Golap Jamun:

Warm, syrup-soaked Hot Golap Jamuns are popular in India. These circular delicacies are deep-fried to golden perfection and soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup for a delicious dessert. Hot Golap Jamuns are delicious warm or room temperature for even the pickiest sweet tooth. 

Mineral Water Bottle:

Visitors must bring mineral water bottles to remain hydrated throughout festivities. During the wedding, these perfectly filtered spring water bottles refresh and revitalise guests. Choosing the best Best Caterer in Kolkata comes handy with it.

Ice-Cream Green Pista with Topping:

All-ages Ice-Cream Green Pista with Topping is rich and delicious. This dessert with smooth pistachio ice cream, almonds, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream will thrill your senses.

Banarashi Paan Counter LIVE:

Traditional feast finale paan is served at Banarashi Paan Counter LIVE. Each paan is a delicate blend of betel leaves, areca nut, rose petals, saffron, and fennel seeds produced by skilled artisans. It aids digestion and palate cleansing. Banarashi Paan, served as a post-meal refreshment or finale, lends elegance and refinement to weddings.


Finally, Bengali wedding meals are a symphony of tastes, textures, and fragrances that celebrate the region’s cuisine. The wedding feast is unusual since it includes Bengali and international dishes. With the best Best Vegetarian Caterers In Kolkata you can arrange for such delicacies in your special event.

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