Extraordinary Best Wedding Menu Package of Lip-Smacking Flavors by BLACK DIAMOND CATERER

A wedding, more than a union of hearts, is an incarnation of love and joy. What better way to celebrate this momentous event than having a food experience that more than satisfies the taste buds but actually surpasses your expectations? Here comes BLACK DIAMOND CATERER, the legend of gastronomy in Kolkata with their exclusive wedding menu package that will surely make your celebration high up to the sky. Among the best Catering Services In Kolkata, this option is the best.

The Extravagant Spread:

BLACK DIAMOND CATERER‘s menu is a symphony of flavors designed to please even the pickiest palates. Cold Coffee and Strawberry Blossom Mocktails start the gastronomic adventure. A live Victoria Coffee station showcases coffee making, adding to the experience.

The delicious prelude includes Gandhoraaj Fish Tikka and Lahori Chicken Tikka Kabab. With its complex tastes and culinary skills, each mouthful promises an epicurean experience. BLACK DIAMOND CATERER‘s dedication to quality in ingredient selection and appetizer preparation shows its dedication to exceeding expectations.

While Cold Coffee is refreshing, Strawberry Blossom Mocktails are sweet, providing a delicious contrast that starts a gastronomic adventure. The live Victoria Coffee station adds an interactive aspect and enhances the experience by showing customers how coffee is made. Among the Catering Services In Kolkata, this one offers the best one.

Gandhoraaj Fish Tikka and Lahori Chicken Tikka Kabab increase gastronomic anticipation. These appetizers demonstrate BLACK DIAMOND CATERER’s commitment to providing an immersive experience with precisely balanced flavors and each dish contributing to the overall symphony of sensations.

The initial notes of BLACK DIAMOND CATERER’s menu establish a culinary elegance that invites customers on a fascinating and delectable culinary voyage. The caterer paints a tapestry of flavors with every sip and bite, demonstrating a dedication to perfection and an appreciation of the artistry of outstanding dining.

The Choices are Yours:

The gastronomic trip offers a variety of options for all tastes. Potato Crone Ball Nuggets and Raj-wadi Paneer Tikka tempt vegetarians with their deliciousness. The Punjabi Tandoori Butter Naan and Green Peas Kachuri are great accompaniments to these vegetarian dishes.

Punjabi food is lavish, even in the main meal. The rich and fragrant Amritsari Chole Masala, a chickpea dish, and the decadent Stuffed Potato highlight Punjabi characteristics. These carefully selected options demonstrate BLACK DIAMOND CATERER’s commitment, among the Catering Services In Kolkata, to variety and excellent eating.

The Special Salad Bar at BLACK DIAMOND refreshes the palette between dishes. A variety of well-prepared salads balances the main course’s strong tastes. This painstaking attention to detail shows the caterer’s dedication to a great meal.

The menu continues with the delicious Fish Orly, showcasing the chef’s seafood prowess. The fragrant Moharani Polao with basmati rice and creamy Raj-Malai Copta Sahi Malai Paneer demonstrate BLACK DIAMOND’s culinary expertise and dedication to excellence.

The menu’s variety shows a dedication to broad and delectable options and a knowledge of the art of creating a memorable culinary experience. BLACK DIAMOND CATERER’s commitment to quality and culinary creativity makes each dish a masterpiece that enhances the eating experience.

Live Stations:

Live encounters with Afghani Chicken Korma and Gandhoraaj Bhetki Paturi will enhance your gastronomic adventure. The chef’s commitment to using premium ingredients is evident in every dish. The delicious Afghani Chicken Korma delivers a symphony of flavors made with perfection.

Mutton Kasha is served in the traditional Bengali way, offering a true gastronomic experience that honors the region’s rich culinary history. This dish embodies Bengali cuisine with its symphony of flavors.

Mixed Fruit Chatni offers a refreshing touch to the meal. This blend of history and innovation shows the chef’s skill in creating a meal that respects culinary heritage while adding lovely touches that enhance the dining experience.

These live culinary experiences from BLACK DIAMOND CATERER, the best of the Catering Services In Kolkata, embody perfection, with each dish carefully designed to showcase the chef’s culinary traditions and skills. This culinary trip is a feast for the senses and a celebration of the best ingredients and cuisine.

Breakfast Menu:

Explore BLACK DIAMOND CATERER’s breakfast and lunch menu, where traditional tastes and history shine.

  • Luchi
  • Alur Torkari
  • Cold Coffee / Strawberry Blossom’s / Mocktail 3 flavors only
  • Victoria Coffee LIVE

Lunch Menu:

The lunch menu is a very important one. It includes:

  • Basmati Steam rice         
  • Sona Mug daal 
  • Jhurjhure alu vaja
  • Bada Kopi- Macher Matha Diye                 
  • Dahi Fish Katla, Standard Size    
  • Chatni / Papad

Main Course Menu

  • Punjabi Tandoori Butter naan Green Peas Kachori
  • Amritsari chole masala / Stuffed Potato
  • Gandhoraaj Fish Tikka
  • Lahori Chicken tikka kabab / Chicken Hariyali tikka kabab
  • Potato crone Ball Nuggets
  • Raj-wadi Panner Tikka/veg Kerala cutlet stick
  • BLACK DIAMOND special Salad Bar
  • Fish Orly (use original Bhetki)
  • Moharani Polao / Sahi Zafrani Polao/ Hydrabadi Polao Basmati Steamed Rice
  • Raj-Malai Copta
  • Sahi cron malai Paneer  Mixed Veg Tawa Fry LIVE  Afghani Chicken korma
  • Gandhoraaj Bhetki Paturi
  • Laal Maas Mutton Kasha
  • Mixed fruit Chatni
  • Desco Papad

Sweet Endings:

No celebration is complete without a sweet ending. BLACK DIAMOND CATERER, among the Catering Services In Kolkata, knows how important a delicious dessert spread is, delivering a variety of sweets.

  • Two in one Rashogolla /Nolen gurer rosogolla / Raj bhog ( Any one Standard size Hot Golap jamun – Standard size
  • Standard Quality Shondesh
  • Ice-Cream – Green pista with topping   Banarasi Paan counter LIVE
  • Mineral water bottle

Finishing Touches:

BLACK DIAMOND CATERER offers a free lunch and breakfast package for orders above 35 plates as a thank you. This attentive supply extends beyond food to improve clients’ entire experience, elevating every part of their event to new heights.

Black Diamond caterer thanks customers with a free lunch and breakfast package. It shows the caterer’s dedication to giving customers and visitors a complete and gratifying experience.

This smart touch recognizes that a great occasion includes more than simply delicious food—it includes the atmosphere and experience. BLACK DIAMOND CATERER goes the additional mile to guarantee that customers have a delicious meal and a smooth event experience by offering a free package for bigger purchases.

For orders above 35 plates, customers can expect a gastronomic feast and a free lunch with the same quality and variety. The breakfast package provides ease and pleasure, ensuring event attendees start their day with a delicious meal.


Black Diamond Cater‘s wedding meal package shows its dedication to quality and customer service. Transform your wedding into a culinary adventure that blends tradition, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. BLACK DIAMOND CATERER will make your wedding a sensory experience with dishes that convey a tale of culinary expertise and love.

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