Top 10 Caterers in Kolkata

In a vibrant city, Kolkata is the confluence of cultures with multiple preferences in dishes and flavors. Caterers in Kolkata are prepared to light up any event with their taste and zest.

For best results at your event, food is important and you must have a caterer that meets your expectations. We’ve put together 5 of the best caterers in Kolkata to help you find the perfect one.

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Black Diamond Caterer is the best catering service in Kolkata. They have experience with a range of ethnic cuisines and are reliable and flexible. Behind the popularity of Black Diamond Caterer is Mr. Vishal Dhar and his team of professionals with experience in Hotel Management, serving quality food at affordable prices. All sorts of events can be served by Black Diamond Caterer effectively, they provide fresh materials to meet the client’s requirements, and are flexible when it comes to limitations.

Black Diamond Caterer is experienced in catering to all sorts of functions and will make sure that you have a great time. They are a very well-synchronized team and will ensure that your event is wonderfully orchestrated.

The 10 Caterers in Kolkata for Your Event

6, Ballygunge Place: The restaurant has a large customer base that appreciates its service. Their food is delicious and of high quality, and they are very accommodating to all your needs.

Bijoli Grill is one of the few Caterers in Kolkata that saw catering services grow over the past 50 years. They started small, behind Bijoli Cinema. Now they specialize in Bengali cuisine and have branches in Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Delhi.

Munna Maharaj Catering Services is a popular Indian food caterer in Kolkata that prepares exotic dishes that taste so good, that you might want to lick your fingers. They use quality ingredients and have a variety of flavors for all occasions.

Gupta Caterers offers high-quality catering services. They use scrumptious all kinds of Indian dishes that leave people satisfied and full of compliments for their choice of catering. The company can cater to events in the Kolkata area, offering various other foreign cuisines as well.

Eastern Caterer is now the main food service provider for the city and its suburbs for the past three decades. They always maintain superior quality and service, fair pricing, sincerity, honesty, punctuality, presentation, cleanliness, and regular PR activities with clients. It delves into bringing old traditional dishes of Bengal with some highly experienced Master Chefs.

Arsalan Restaurant and Caterer specialize in Biriyani, grills, and kebabs of a variety you will not find elsewhere. Arsalan as a restaurant has been accommodating big groups, including office colleagues, family friends, or those looking to celebrate a birthday. They have many cuisines available on their menu, covering various Mughlai dishes. They are your best option for an exotic event experience.

Ganpati Caterers With the ethos of maintaining quality standards, sophisticated presentation, and serving fresh food, they work towards providing their clients with the best every day and serve you not only delicious food but also with care and affection. They have entered the world of cooking and are creating delightful cuisine for their clients. If you are throwing a party for your friends and family or celebrating something with your friends, then Ganapati Caterers can be one of the best catering service companies in Kolkata.

Diamond Caterers team provides fresh produce and delicacies for an elegant experience. They have served at many corporate events. They offer various dishes with a range of vegetable and non-veg options. Whether you’re looking for an awesome meal or to spice up your day with some delightful treats, Diamond Caterers has what you need.

Oh Calcutta is great for catering, and their services are cost-efficient. They offer a variety of prices for different events. For all meal preparations, you can choose any type of food, as well as location. They are well known for their conceptual preparations. They’ve catered to several grand get-togethers in the city, using experts with backgrounds in Hotel Management. The Maharaja Caterers Unit is best at handling any type of guest and will meet expectations at any celebration.

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