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Wedding Catering Menu: Type 4

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Black Diamond Caterer, the wedding catering service in Kolkata do presents completely different cuisines starting from Italian, Chinese Indian, and continental. You must select the caterers rigorously and select the very best of the lot as a result of food is not only about style, however, is a matter of high quality and selection as effectively.


Mocktail Counter live with 20 flavor's
Live Victoria Coffee
Chicken Hariyali Tikka Kabab
Panner Crone Cheese Ball
Fish Tikka Kabab

Main Course Items

Tandoori Butter Nan
Peas Kochuri
Punjabi Chana Mashala
Salad Bar Special
Fish Muniya Butter Fry
Moharani Pulao
Sahi Paneer Butter Mashala
Raj-Malai Copta
Veg Tawa Fry-Live
Gondhoraj Bhetki Paturi
Afghani Chicken Korma
Mutton Kasha
Mixed Fruit Chatni
Disco Papad


Dessert Items

Hot Gulab Jamun, Standard Size
Nolen Gurer Makha Sandesh
Rashogolla, Standard Size
Salad Bar Special
Ice-Cream 2 Flavour's
Mineral Water Bottle 500mL
Paan Live Counter

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