What is The Role of a Dessert in a Full Course Meal?

No meal is complete without one or two desserts in it. As per the culinary tale, starters and main course sometimes play the supporting role to introduce you to the protagonist; the dessert. Before stepping towards any discussions, have we ever thought why finishing a meal with a dessert is a great idea? Probably no. Apart from the rich sweet taste and flavour, there is a scientific reason behind this. As per food science, after having so many savoury dishes, our senses indicate us to have something different.

In such a manner, we get prepared to indulge in the experience of having new flavours. Different researchers also show that desserts can help in easy digestion, make us feel calm, and increase serotonin levels. Having chocolate desserts improves heart conditions and lessens blood sugar too. Chocolate is an ingredients that probably everyone love to have for its taste sensation. So, let’s explore some crucial facts which may help us know better why a meal is incomplete without dessert.

Offer Enormous Pleasure

Desserts are known for their indulgence and rich flavour. As soon as any sweet dish served by the best Bengali Caterer in Kolkata touches the palate, the sense of delight and satisfaction augments the entire meal. The main reason behind this is the secretion of happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin.

Complete the Meal

Desserts are the final course of a meal which is served at the end. Serving a dessert marks the completion of a well-rounded meal. They offer a sense of completion and closure indicating the meal has concluded.

Balance the Flavours

As we all know desserts are served after the entries and main course, they balance all the flavours of the previous courses. For instance, a rich and creamy dessert can complement a lighter meal. On the other hand, a citrus or tart-based dessert can offer a refreshing feeling after having a rich main course.

Add a Touch of Festivity

Desserts hold a special significance in an entire meal as they can add a touch of festivity. Desserts are associated with celebrations and they can expand the overall experience of any occasion making it more special and enjoyable.

Traditional & Cultural Importance

Desserts are not only a mere food item but it is associated with our culture and trading too. There are so many desserts which include historical and cultural significance. Serving those desserts can create a sense of nostalgia and make the guests connected to the heritage culture.

Increase Creativity & Bonding

Desserts are those food items which require enormous creativity and expertise to make. Desserts offer the cooks and the chefs a chance to showcase their skills and innovative ideas. From intricate Jalebis, pastries, and Gulab Jamun to rich creamy ice creams, mousses and custards, desserts are the artistic manifestation of culinary craftsmanship. Having desserts together also fosters internal bonding and interaction.


So, we hope reading this article may increase your insight into the significance of desserts in a meal. Desserts are synonymous with celebrations and happiness as they generate a feeling of satisfaction. So, share your thoughts with us on this blog and feel free to give any suggestions.

At Black Diamond Caterer, we value the needs of our clients the most. We understand that it is pleasing to see your guests having good food and time at an occasion. Hence, we always try to deliver food and services created with the best raw materials. We can’t wait to host you and your guests. Call us today or drop a mail at our mailbox.

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